CSS, Content-Type For RSS

I have updated my RSS feed to use the W3C’s CSS file for RSS (which you can see in action at W3C News Syndication).

I have also fixed a minor problem I was having. Internet Explorer would not display my RSS feed. It was because I had not set a MIME type. A quick bit of Response.ContentType = "text/xml" later an voila a browser-readable RSS feed. I wanted to use application/rss+xml as previously recommended at Dive Into Mark (now using Atom) and seen until recently in my <link> tag but this causes browsers to pop up a download box rather than render the XML. Because of this I have also updated my link tag that refers to my RSS feed to <link rel="alternate" type="text/xml" title="RSS" href="http://bluebones.net/rss.asp" />.

You can view the ASP source to my feed.

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