Gmail Conversations Archiving Has Gotten Worse

You can search for emails in Gmail, “Select All” and Gmail will prompt you, “do you want to select all conversations that match this search?” rather than just the 100 you can see. Then if you do something like use the Archive keyboard shortcut it says “do you want to apply this to all conversations selected?” Previously this was instant. Now it says, “We archived some conversations. We’ll do the same for any remaining conversations in a few minutes. This might take longer, depending on how many conversations are selected.” And if you go back to your Inbox they’re still there. A real downgrade!

2 Replies to “Gmail Conversations Archiving Has Gotten Worse”

  1. Same for marking as read. What gives?

    By the way, if you only have a couple pages to archive or mark read, it may work better for a workflow to mark/archive one page at a time.

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