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As detailed elsewhere I have found my Nokia 7250i’s XHTML browser to be singularly crap because of memory limitations. As part of my attempts to make this phone more useful I have written a web page shrinker that allows you to enter a URL and get a stripped-down version of that page’s contents.

As the dominate web use mode is to search first on google the program also has the ability to shrink google searches.

Both entry points support link rewriting so any link in the pages is rewritten to point back at a shrunken version of the page being linked to (basically you never visit anything apart from my servlet – it goes and grabs pages and shrinks them as required).

The shrinking and rewriting are fairly brittle. There is a lot of nonconformant and just plain weird HTML out there and I have not done much work on coping with boundary cases but enough pages should shrink to make the app useful. If you find a page that doesn’t work or have any other kind of bug report/feature request put in in the comments or feel free to mail me at

The URLs for your phone are (stick them in bookmarks):

URL entry:

Google search:

The Google search uses the brilliant Google Search API.

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