Network Client Assigned 169.154 Address

Just spent half an hour fixing this one. My laptop was assigned a 169.154.*.* address and I could not ping even my gateway server via IP. I checked the network cable and lights on the hub and the docking station, changed the cable and used the built-in network card on the laptop itself. I tried a whois on the strange IP I was getting assigned:

NetRange: - 
NetHandle:  NET-169-254-0-0-1
Parent:     NET-169-0-0-0-0
NetType:    IANA Special Use
Comment:    Please see RFC 3330 for additional information.
RegDate:    1998-01-27
Updated:    2002-10-14

RFC 3330 has the following to say: - This is the "link local" block.  It is allocated for
   communication between hosts on a single link.  Hosts obtain these
   addresses by auto-configuration, such as when a DHCP server may not
   be found.

After trying various registry fixes I realised the awful truth: my DHCP server’s network cabled was unplugged!

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  1. I wish to know why you have set yourself up as a new network client on my router. I do not wish you to be there neither was my permission asked.

    I believe that your presence on my system is illegal and I intend to further research that aspect.

  2. Brian’s comment above and subsquent email presented me with a little mystery. You can see the solution (I think) at

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