Dice.com curl Billboard

dice.com Billboard

I just don’t understand who could know enough to come up with this but not enough to know how flagrantly wrong it is and how it would read to someone who just even knows what curl is. Is the idea the programmers will become so incensed by the mess that is this commandline that they write in angrily and then you offer them a job? It completely baffles me. I’d love to hear an explanation.

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  1. I thought the Dice.com billboards were pretty cute, honestly. I also liked the var techJobs; one.

  2. But Scott, what does that command DO?

    I we assume that character before “techJobs” is a backtick then it’s not a complete command and any shell where that is legal (like bash) will ask for more input before doing anything else.

    [bakert@fenchurch yoko]$ curl `techJobs’ SanFran

    If it’s an opening single quote then why are we quoting “techJobs” and not “sanFran”? And why with nonstandard characters. And why do we want to curl two hosts called techJobs and sanFran?

    [bakert@fenchurch yoko]$ curl ‘techJobs’ SanFran
    curl: (6) Couldn’t resolve host ‘‘techJobs’’
    curl: (6) Couldn’t resolve host ‘SanFran’

    Note that bash (surely the de facto shell for the kind of people Dice are trying to attract here) does not allow // as comment characters either and will again ask for more input to complete the command:

    [bakert@fenchurch yoko]$ // don’t tell my boss

    They could just as easily have printed:

    $ grep techJob SanFran
    $ # Don’t tell my boss

    and I never would have written this blog post! (techJob because grepping in line items for a plural seems all wrong). They could even have written:

    $ curl ‘http://dice.com/SanFran’ | grep techJob
    $ # Don’t tell my boss

    AND have the URL resolve correctly and provide plaintext output with “techJob” in the interesting lines and gibberish in the other lines.

    Now that would have been cute.

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