Web App Checklist

  • It is more important to have a standard than what the standard is.
  • ‘use strict’ in JavaScript.
  • jslint
  • jQuery
  • Throw objects not strings as exceptions in JavaScript:
    throw {
        'name': 'MyException',
        'message': 'Something went wrong',
        'code': 500,
        'previous': e // Nested exception.
  • Controllers should be super-skinny (because they are hard to test).
  • HTML5
  • Only read querystring and post body in the controller.
  • Say *why* you did something in the commit message, don’t just describe what you did.
  • The first line of a commit message should be a short standalone message.
  • Err on the side of verbosity in commit messages.
  • Don’t form HTML in JavaScript strings.
  • Good internationalization is hard (ICU?).
  • Run the tests before pushing.
  • Automate deployment.
  • Keep markup as semantic as possible.
  • Code review is a priority.
  • LESS
  • Responsive Design
  • Backbone
  • Automatically pull dependencies in, don’t add them to the repo.
  • Don’t store artifacts generated by the build process alongside the source code.
  • git
  • Unit tests
  • The unit tests should run *fast* and offline.
  • Send the right HTTP response code.
  • JSON

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