The current recording industry trend of swamping filesharing networks with looped versions of new songs (seen with Eminem’s ‘The Eminem Show’ and No Doubt’s single ‘Hella Good’) seems to have reached new heights with the Prodigy’s new record Baby’s Got a Temper

In an independent little survey I just ran, of the 20 files available for download on iMesh NONE were the correct, ROHYPNOL-mentioning real version. There were two or three non-looped versions but they were all radio/mtv versions with parts of the chorus dubbed out. There was even a version recorded with someone talking in Russian (?) over the top of it. Creative, eh?

So what next for the filesharers, is it off to sites like and filesharing networks like eDonkey? Or will the unavailability of the latest singles merely deter the younger element?

We shall see.

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  1. Actually, I see that doesn’t do MP3z, only games and porn and movies. I’m sure such a thing must exist for MP3z elsewhere though.

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