KaZaALite is Best P2P App?

While there is still no filesharing app as good as Napster was, the quality of the apps and networks out there is slowly improving despite the best efforts of advertisers and the RIAA.

The best recent improvement is the release of KaZaALite

KaZaALite is an ad-free, spyware-free version of KaZaA that runs on the same network. It subtitles itself “P2P as it should be” and with good reason (although its still missing simple UI ingredients like Ctrl+Left Click to select multiple items individually and Shift+Left Click to select groups on the Traffic page, meaning you have to cancel each download individually)

In fact, KaZaALite is so good and quite hard to find to download so I’ve decided to make it possible to download KaZaALite from this site

(These notes have also been added to my filesharing page.)

15 Replies to “KaZaALite is Best P2P App?”

  1. thanks for the link
    Its a great to find it back….looked every where and now i have found it again…. if you can get copies of the programe as its near imposible to find

  2. thanks for making this hard to find link available, nice to know someone makes the effort for the hell of it!

  3. which is da best sharing network apart from kazaa lite. lime wire is too slow for dial-up computers and morpheus dosent connect at all!!
    any comments??

  4. I use FilesWire. Its a web based p2p application so there is nothing to download and you can begin sharing instantly. I found it not to be good form movies and apps but great if you need to get mp3’s. the address is http://www.fileswire.com

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