Share Clipboard Between Terminal (zsh) and OSX

### System-wide Clipboard mostly from

pb-kill-line () {
  zle kill-line
  echo -n $CUTBUFFER | pbcopy

pb-backward-kill-line () {
  zle backward-kill-line
  echo -n $CUTBUFFER | pbcopy

pb-kill-whole-line () {
  zle kill-whole-line
  echo -n $CUTBUFFER | pbcopy

pb-backward-kill-word () {
  zle backward-kill-word
  echo -n $CUTBUFFER | pbcopy

pb-kill-word () {
  zle kill-word
  echo -n $CUTBUFFER | pbcopy

pb-kill-buffer () {
  zle kill-buffer
  echo -n $CUTBUFFER | pbcopy

pb-copy-region-as-kill-deactivate-mark () {
  zle copy-region-as-kill
  zle set-mark-command -n -1
  echo -n $CUTBUFFER | pbcopy

pb-yank () {
  zle yank

zle -N pb-kill-line
zle -N pb-backward-kill-line
zle -N pb-kill-whole-line
# This is too extreme - I often want to wrangle a commandline then paste into it.
#zle -N pb-backward-kill-word
#zle -N pb-kill-word
zle -N pb-kill-buffer
zle -N pb-copy-region-as-kill-deactivate-mark
zle -N pb-yank

bindkey '^K'   pb-kill-line
bindkey '^U'   pb-backward-kill-line
#bindkey '\e^?' pb-backward-kill-word
#bindkey '\e^H' pb-backward-kill-word
#bindkey '^W'   pb-backward-kill-word
#bindkey '\ed'  pb-kill-word
#bindkey '\eD'  pb-kill-word
bindkey '^X^K' pb-kill-buffer
bindkey '\ew'  pb-copy-region-as-kill-deactivate-mark
bindkey '\eW'  pb-copy-region-as-kill-deactivate-mark
bindkey '^Y'   pb-yank

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