Top 50 Rising Programming Technologies

(Based on Stack Overflow tag count and upward trend as proportion of Stack Overflow questions. So it might just be the 50 most difficult-to-learn rising programming technologies!)

The List

  1. Python

    Interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming

  2. React

    JavaScript library for building user interfaces

  3. Laravel

    PHP web framework (“for web artisans”)

  4. Pandas

    Data structures and data analysis tools for Python

  5. TypeScript

    Superset of JavaScript that adds static typing (“JavaScript that scales”)

  6. Amazon Web Services

    On-demand cloud computing platform

  7. API

    The interface between two programs.

  8. Azure

    Cloud computing service

  9. Powershell

    Commandline shell and associated scripting language

  10. Firebase

    Mobile and web application development platform

  11. Selenium
  12. Spring Boot
  13. Docker
  14. React Native
  15. DataFrame
  16. Unity 3D
  17. Elasticsearch
  18. Matplotlib
  19. Go
  20. Jenkins
  21. Selenium Web Driver
  22. Gradle
  23. Machine Learning
  24. Amazon S3
  25. vue.js
  26. ggplot2
  27. Flask
  28. ASP.NET Core
  29. npm
  30. Webpack
  31. Mongoose
  32. tkinter
  33. Google Apps Script
  34. Web Scraping
  35. Spring Security
  36. filter
  37. https
  38. Woo Commerce
  39. Xamarin Forms
  40. Web Socket
  41. Android Recycler View
  42. Kotlin
  43. Redux
  44. Google Sheets
  45. Excel Formula
  46. SASS
  47. Hive
  48. Java 8
  49. Redis
  50. CMake

The Top Ten

Chart of the top 10:

The Top Ten Without Python

Python dwarfs everything else so here’s a look without Python:

The Nearly Men

These tags were eliminated from the list solely on the basis of a 2018-only downward trend: R (would have been 2nd), Node.js (2nd), PostgreSQL (4th), numpy (12th), Express (14th), Apache Spark (14th), Tensorflow (18th), nginx (20th), Github (21st), Amazon EC2 (31st), ECMAScript 6 (39th), ffmpeg (46th)

Programming Languages That Make the List

  1. Python
  2. TypeScript
  3. Go
  4. Kotlin

A Rising Python Lifts All Python Libraries

python-3.x actually makes second place on the list but I rolled it into Python rather than make a redundant entry.

Django and Django Models were eliminated from the list despite being on an upward trend because they have not yet exceeded their previous peak in 2010. This resurgence, Pandas in fourth place and the presence of tkinter on the list speaks to the general rising of Python.


Load all tags on StackOverflow by count descending.

Put each of them into StackOverflow Trends and judge by eye if they are currently trending up.

Where Do These Technologies Sit in the Overall List?

In the whole list of tags by count Python is sixth overall, Firebase (10th place in this list) is 90th, and CMake (50th) is 442nd.

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