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  2. where has your football league table thingee gone? bluebones.net/table.php has disappeared, I found the app very useful? Please can you restore it? Many thanks. 🙂

  3. HI Matthew,

    I upgraded the version of PHP I use but not the league table generator. It’s back now!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Many thanks, I’d only just started some Latin American tables for this season, can’t remember their numbers, but it’s no bother for me to type the results in again. 🙂

    It’s much more user-friendly than the Excel one I was struggling with.

  5. Oh dear… I just tried creating a new table on bluebones.net/table.php, and it won’t accept anything. It just shows the columns at the top of the table but no teams or statistics 🙁

  6. I restored the old tables as I got a couple of requests – forgot to make the database writeable again. Should be ok now.

  7. Oops… now League Table generator doesn’t allow you to start a new table. It just adds all results to this one – http://bluebones.net/table.php?id=108217

  8. Interesting bug! The id of some of the results had been set as “108216http://bluebones.net/table.php?id=108216” instead of “108216” which made the code think that the next available id was “108217” which was actually already taken.

    Should all be ok now!

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