Exactly What You Write Makes a Lot of Difference

I wrote a blog post in 2003 about a not-very-useful error message I got while working on a .NET SOAP web service*: Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction.

I wrote at the end of the blog post: “If you’re having a similar problem but can’t work what I’m saying here, feel free to mail me on bakert+web@gmail.com”.

Although this is an obscure blog post on an obscure blog over the nine years since I wrote it I’ve received 159 emails asking for help. I think I’ve received a total of about 2 emails about other blog posts of mine.

I suppose if I added my email address to the bottom of each of my posts and exhorted the reader to email me I’d have a lot more emails. This reminds me of Dustin Curtis’ article about following him on Twitter.

* = I’m not proud of this chapter in my programming history!

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