Move Fast and Break Things

I had lunch at the Facebook campus yesterday. They have transported all their motivational posters to their new(ish) location in Menlo Park (which is really, really nice). “Move Fast and Break Things”, “What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?”, etc.

This led to a short conversation about how, exactly, you move fast and still produce good code. Facebook don’t have QA instead they have systems designed to automatically catch errors before they hit production. D thought that if you had good tests you didn’t need documentation or QA or code review. I’m a bit more cynical about tests and I love code review for sharing knowledge and style as well as finding bugs.

Also saw two Facebookers with “Fix More, Whine Less” tshirts.  It’s the slogan of the Site Reliability team. They do seem to be scaling their startup-ish culture to a larger scale than most companies manage.

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