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A few years ago Yahoo created beta stock ticker RSS feeds. Then they withrdrew them and they haven’t been heard of since. They have provided CSVs of their data for a long time. So I’ve turned the CSVs into RSS feeds. The address is like this:

Where SYMBOL is something like KO (for Coca Cola).

One other minor feature is that you can get localised times by adding &n=uk (or es or fr or any other country code that has a Yahoo! Finance). So for example to get Vodafone’s share price with UK times use:

You might want Yahoo’s symbol lookup.

I just knocked this up very quickly so it may be buggy. If you use it, or find a problem, leave me a comment.

2 Replies to “Stock Ticker Feed”

  1. I am developing a 3D visualization tool and would like to have a stock portfolio monitoring example application for demonstrations. Is there available a free/low cost data (delayed) feed of the NYSE stock ticker that I could use during development and beyond for demonstrations)? Appreciate your taking time to suggest data sources.


  2. I use Yahoo! Finance CSV download option. Linked as “download data” on their stock quote pages.

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