Advanced Streetmap for Mobiles

I’ve added hyperlinks to my “streetmap for mobiles” servlet so that you can get to the images of the surrounding area too.

This won’t work in lots of phones so I’ve put this version at:

and left the old one-image-only version available at:

If you do try out either version I’d be interested how it works and what phone/PDA you use. Add your comments below.

4 Replies to “Advanced Streetmap for Mobiles”

  1. I am using a Sony Ericsson 636 and T-Mobile. When I access both either of those addresses, I get a input field and a submit button. I tried putting a city and a zip code in, but it said there were no matches.

  2. Oops, should have made it clear – this only works for London. Sorry!

  3. Sony Ericsson K750i and O2. Tried it out for Leeds and Birmingham and it seemed to work. Main problem was after clicking to view a surrounding map the graphic was too large for the browser, but it downloaded it as a picture so I could still see it.

    Probably more use in a city like London when the streets are closer together..

  4. sony K750i

    I put in a leighton address and it worked – is it all singing all dancing now? is it just postcodes, or addresses and the like too?

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