The Real Web on a Mobile

I have updated my actual-web-on-a-mobile program so that it copes with BBC Sport and various other sites better instead of giving an error.

The end result is that you have a text and links-only version of the web that will work on (some) mobile phones.

The program works by stripping all html except links and rewriting all links to point back at this server so those pages can be stripped once the links are clicked too.

You can search google and get the text of actual websites on your mobile without crashing your mobile’s browser or running out of memory here:

You can enter a URL for stripping down to text and links only here:

While you can use this service through your regular browser the reason this exists is for use with mobiles that understand HTML like the Nokia 7250i. You might be able to think of another use for these low bandwidth pages, please let me know if you do.

I’ve put up a snapshot of the source code but if you want the latest please contact me.

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