Moviemaker Tube Map

I’ve created an alternative tube map with movie writers, editors, producers, actors and directors instead of the usual tube lines and stations, rather like Simon Patterson’s ‘The Great Bear’ only (I think) better .

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  1. Hi Liz, I suspect that selling the poster would be illegal as it is based so clearly on the London Underground tube map who probably hold the copyright, etc. But that doesn’t stop you asking a printer to make you a copy as no money is changing hands there. The PDF uses vector graphics (I think) and so should scale up to any size. You’ll have to find a printer that will print you a poster of a PDF. If you do, please come back and post your experience – I’d like a poster of it too! The only other way I thought of getting one is to open a private store and order their “small poster” or “large poster” for yourself. To do that you’ll have to somehow convert the PDF into a large enough image though as they don’t offer printing from PDF I don’t think. Let me know how you get on!

  2. Hey. Love the idea of this, but the link is broken. Do you have another location for it?


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