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  1. Great site and very helpful. Amazing, especially as it is free to use. If I could suggest anything it would be that the league table would be more accurate if it were calculated by goal difference rather than by goals scored.

  2. Hi, Is there any easy way to export/copy the generated fixture list into a spreadsheet (eg Excel) or table format in a document (eg Word) ? Thanks.

  3. @Michael – No such facility I’m afraid although if you know a friendly coder it’d be pretty easy to output “1,16” instead of “1 v 16”.

  4. I like your fixtures Generator and now I wanted to check if after you have the fixtures, you have a Logtable Generator too. I need it very much.

  5. Hi I am trying to generate fixtures for dart teams on a home and away basis but 3 venues have 2 teams playing from each venue can you help please

  6. @Lynn – You can use the fixtures generator linked here. Every team has a “partner” team that always plays away when they play at home.

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