Network/Internet Boggle

I’ve expanded Boggle to take text entry, be playable over a LAN/the internet and do all the scoring, etc.

List of the most important added features:

  • Network or internet play for an unlimited number of players.
  • Full scrabble words type dictionary.
  • Results so far totalled and displayed.
  • Alter the size, font and colour of the dice and save as themes.
  • Alter length of a game.
  • Computer opponents (actually they are far too good to really play but they tell you what words you could have got).

2 Replies to “Network/Internet Boggle”

  1. Great game! Question – Why does it take 3 letter words? When you make the board 4×4 I understand, but when it is 5×5 only 4 letter words should be allowed. Also, can you edit/change the dictionary?

    Any response or help would be appreciated.



  2. It takes three letter words because that’s the rules of the original game. If you know Java you can probably get it to stop accepting three letter words by editing the source code and recompiling. If that sounds horrendous then you could just remove the three letter words from the dictionary.

    You can change the dictionary by editing or replacing dict.txt which is INSIDE boggle.jar in the install folder. boggle.jar is just a zip file so open it up in WinZip or the equivalent and save the dictionary back to the archive.

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