Java Versus C# (Jobs)

A colleague of mine last Summer decided he would learn C# rather than Java because, “that’s where all the jobs are.” I disagreed and showed him the jobserve listings for that day that seemed to prove him wrong. “Well, that’s where all the jobs WILL be.” he replied. Thus was born jobfight.

I think enough time has gone by (10 and a half months) to have a look and see if we can discern any trends. The graph belows shows the statistics I have gathered on UK programming jobs for the keywords “C#” and “Java”:

Graph of C# jobs versus Java jobs advertised on June 2003 to April 2004

It seems that Java is growing faster in terms of total number of jobs and at nearly the same rate as a percentage of the existing jobs.

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  1. Looking at all the spikes in your graph, you might get at clearer sense of the trend by subtracting or dividing to get a relative measure.

  2. A comparison of C# and Java does not give the complete picture. Perhaps you should compare Java against jobs for all .net languages?

  3. It doesn’t give you the complete picture of how popular .NET is but it does give you a sense of how many jobs there are for C# programmers vs. Java programmers which is what we were discussing!

    Yes, you can go to VB.NET from C#.NET fairly painlessly but you can go to Java from C#.NET even LESS painlessly so it’s hardly relevant!

  4. Then the debate about Java v C# is likely to be of much more interest to Java developers, but probably pointless! For C# developers the interesting debate is C# v VB.Net or indeed any other .net language and not limited to development!

  5. Well for me the origin of this debate was a friend suggesting that he needed to learn C# to have more options in the job market. I tracked the stats to show that he was mistaken. I think I’ve (just about) made my point.

    VB.NET versus C#.NET is no debate at all. It is an absolute, categorical, no-question-at-all win for C#. I would not use VB.NET for anything other than working on an application that had already been misguidedly written in that moribund language.

  6. i would like to know that how much jobs will be generate in future at as compare to java can we say that in future .net technology will be best because its advanced
    give me suggetiions

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