Ares – More Freeware Filesharing

Alberto Treves of Softgap wrote to me about their freeware filesharing program Ares

He says:

Ares is a next generation Gnutella client being able to search and quickly download any type of file.
Ares can find music, movies , games , images, documents…
Ultrapeer protocol grants low bandwith usage.
Ares features multiple sources downloads, an integrated audio/video player with playlist, a web-browser and an easy to browse library to manage your shared content.
Ares is FREEWARE and doesn’t install spywares or co-bundled softwares.

I downloaded the software and it is very similar to KaZaALite but somewhat cleaner and better implemented (you can actually sort by all the clickable columns in the transfer window, for example). As for the network there’s certainly a lot on it – not sure if its as good as KaZaA though.

Ares’ main advantage over KaZaALite is in usability. Ctrl-Click and Shift-Click for multiple download cancel works and little touches like that can make all the difference. Give it a spin

All these notes added to my filesharing page where there is also a list of filesharing programs

Update 2004-04-24: Changed link as Ares now has its own homepage at

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