World Cup Korea Japan 2002 Prediction Program


This Java program simulates the World Cup with random draw or the actual draw


  • Free download
  • Use actual draw or random draw following all the rules and seedings used in Busan
  • Play the World Cup match-by-match or instantly with one click
  • View goal times, extra time and penalty information
  • View group tables at any stage in the simulation
  • Actual World Cup schedule
  • View graphical “flag” display of knockout stages
  • Licensed under the GNU Public License

Screen Shots



Further Improvements

I plan to make the following improvements:

  • Improve display of group tables and knockout stages for resolutions of 1024×768 and below
  • Change team being tracked (not always England)
  • Ability to run multiple World Cups with one click
  • 3rd/4th place match

If you have any feature requests please let me know at

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