Moviemaker Tube Map

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This is the page for my Moviemaker Tube Map. The best version is the PDF version because you can zoom that to whatever size you like. There is also a Large JPEG Version (1680 x 1050) but the text is not so readable on that.

A section of Moviemaker Tube Map by Thomas David Baker

I liked The Great Bear by Simon Patterson but I didn’t like the way when a station was both on the Artist and the Footballer line that the replacement person was just an Artist or a Footballer, but not both. Doing it for movies — using Diretor, Actor, Cinematographer, etc. for the lines meant I could make sure that each individual representing an interchange has done the job represented by each line that goes through that station. My source for most of this information was the excellent Internet Movie Database.

A section of 'The Great Bear' by Simon Patterson

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  1. The Great Bear is such a brilliant concept, continued in SP s later works.

    I have done some work with Rex Reason and the periodic table, including also John Pratts memory joggers and the scientists and years of discovery

  2. Hi Frank, I made it with adobe acrobat and I also used Google to do site-specific searches like this.

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