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Boggle is a version of the popular dice game Boggle in a muliplayer format. It can be played over a network or the internet.

Boggle requires Java to run.

Boggle is free software and is licensed under the GPL.


  • Network or internet play for an unlimited number of players.
  • All marking done near-instantly by the computer – quicker games, no more disputes.
  • Full scrabble words type dictionary.
  • Results so far totalled and displayed.
  • Computer opponents.

Screenshot | Changelog | Javadoc | Source Code

12 Replies to “Boggle”

  1. On my mac, the boggle game picks up a random interface (e.g. en0 or vmnet8) instead of my “real” interface, namely en1, my airport card. Is there any way to make boggle pick up the right interface?


  2. Hi Ben,

    Whatever address it is reporting on the screen you should be able to play the game by just getting clients to connect to the “real” address.

    Hope that helps!

  3. If you have problems with the game please do feel free to post here. What would be most helpful is if you can post:

    1. What you did
    2. What you expected to happen
    3. What actually happened

    And I will try and help. Please include any error messages that you see and/or a screenshot. Thanks very much!

  4. I am new to using macs – can you tell me what to do once I’ve unzipped the zip file? I’m not sure how to run java programs (is there a command line?) or what targets to use if I figure out how to do that. Please help. Thanks.

  5. The important file is boggle.jar (usually shown with a cup of coffee as the icon). If you double-click that on a Mac with Java installed the game will start.

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