Best Guesses in Wordle

My Wordle solver thinks the best first guess is “arise”. After that things diverge pretty quick. Here are the top 20 words used during the 6,397 guesses required to solve all 2,315 words.

bludy (when “arise” hits nothing)168
canty (when the “a” in arise hits but out of place)154
denet (when the “e” in arise hits but out of place)121
until (when the “i” hits but out of place)107
hotel (“r” and “e” out of place)100
muton (“s” out of place)80
metal (“e” and “a” out of place)79
plunk (“r” and “i” out of place)78
north (“r” out of place)64
could (“e” in correct place)63
duroy (“a” and “r” out of place)62
malty (“a”, “e” and “r” out of place)61
lanch (“a” and “s” out of place)61
clout (“i” in correct place)51
count (“r” in correct place, and after “bludy” when only the “u” hits)48
blaud (“e” in correct place, “a” in wrong place)47
plant (“i” in correct place, “s” in wrong place)44
spelt (“s” and “e” in wrong place)41
lipid (“i” and “e” in wrong place, or after “until” with “i” in right place)35

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