Learning Clojure

I completed the first 50 problems at 4clojure.com.

The site helps you learn Clojure in the common way by presenting you with a long set of tasks.

As well as setting the problems it tests your answers live in the browser.

You can follow other users. Once you complete a problem you can see their solutions.

Sometimes that leads you from a solution that looks like this:

fn [coll]
  ((fn dist [prev coll]
      (when-let [[x & xs] (seq coll)]
        (let [more (dist (conj prev x) xs)]
          (if (contains? prev x)
            (cons x more))))))
   #{} coll))

to one that looks like this:

reduce #(if (some #{%2} %) % (conj % %2)) []

Good stuff.

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