London Cinema Revamped

I’ve revamped

As well as a new design it has much-improved cinema and film pages, movie posters, trailers and ratings.

Search is now even better because as well as taking your location it also uses ratings to push better films higher up. With so many films showing it’s so easy to miss something good and with so many cinemas in London it’s so much better than trawling through cinema-by-cinema.

2 Replies to “London Cinema Revamped”

  1. This site is awesome – it should be promoted, and although it probably isn’t your intention, you could probably make a lot of money off this as it’s the best London cinema site around.
    Where does it poll it’s data from?

  2. Hey Ben, glad you like it. I’m not sure about money. I had google ads on it a while back and it used to make about $1 a day!

    The data just comes from screen scraping. I couldn’t find a good machine-readable source anywhere when I first wrote it (although that was a couple of years ago).

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