Everybody knows that Tetris is the greatest computer game of all time. The version I have played so much lately is Tetrablocks which is a very nice version. Sadly the speed of the game is tied to the speed of the machine you play it on which means scores are not really comparable across machines but if you can get more than 350 lines then you’re probably better than me.

The reason I mention Tetris is because there is a documentary about the game showing on BBC4 tonight (2100 in the UK) and replaying through the week.

One of my favourite Tetris things is this 12.8MB MPEG from the 2001 Japanese Tetris Championship (will take at least 8 mins to download from this site, as long as 40 mins over dial up). How fast is that guy?

And finally there’s a great site about Tetris AI.

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