How To Wolf Whistle

Whistling is useless but being able to whistle loudly (for a taxi, to call your friend across the street, for help even) is very useful. In trying to learn this skill I’ve scoured the web. I found only one site that was helpful and that seems to have disappeared now so I have put its text up here for anyone else like me who was trying to find out how to do it without buying a book

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  1. Thank you for posting the text
    of “How to Wolf Whistle” on your site. One
    would imagine that in the wide world of the
    web, there would be tomes of pages on how
    to perform such a task. Amazingly, this is
    the only useful result returned by a Google

  2. Thanks for the only friggin’ site that teaches you how to wolf whistle. I am a project manager for a construction company, and I don’t know HOW many times I wish that I knew how to do it.


  3. Finally a site that teaches you something I’ve been dreaming of doing since I was a ‘lil kid.
    Thanks a lot, a truly great site.

  4. I’m sure this is a good website but I can’t friggin’get onto the whisling loudly page please email it to me

    But i do need some more advice on how to do it, but im gonna practice to see if i can get it right

  6. Hey i really like this website, but i still don’t get it. Could u like put a picture or a drawing of how it is done.


    could this be the lost site?

  8. Meh, can’t do the friggin’ whistle, impossible for me, can’t get the part where i gotta tuck the bl00dy tongue back

  9. this site is great, even though i followed the instructions. i managed to make up my own whistle. :-/

  10. I can’t get it! Ergh It’s too hard! I can only make a little blowing sound of air rushing past my fingers…
    So much for “how to wolf whistle”

  11. How’s about some pics mate?
    I really wanna learnm this.
    Words are a bit complicated, in the sense i cant exactly get what im supposed to do.

  12. everybody i asked always says to tuck the tongue upwards! and on the site it says downward… i don’t get it either way. what way do you think is the right way?!

  13. Um, I need help, for the wolf whistle I don’t understand the draw back the tongue part, it’s confusing and makes no sense, help me please. Either right and answer here or email me ( or finally right it in the guestbook on my website (

  14. Nope, still cant get it happening. Pictures would definetly help, although here is another intresting but yet useless explanation, give it a try anyway:

    “To whistle using the fingers, simply fold the tongue back onto itself, and hold this position down using right hand: index and thumb joined, making a “O” shape, resting on your tongue. fold the outer lips inwards, and force the air out through your fingers.”

  15. I’ll keep on practicing.. I heard some faint whistle sound, but cant make it louder or clearer >_

  16. Oops, i think i put wrong character, anyway, here’s the site that have some images:

  17. This is tough! I can only make out a faint windy sound…it is loud though…well not as loud as a tru whistle. I need some instructions with pics man!

  18. Please HELP .
    I had been working around about the no finger whistle, however I can’t success forever . no matter I had seen some of webpage and follow them to do , still nothing I had . pls pls pls my mail “” Thx

  19. i realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly wanna whistle with my fingers but the air just blows straight through my fingers

  20. can u whistle loud with braces if soo plz tell me how to and send pics if possible thanks my email is

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