Some great tidbits:
“Labour has a very tough team … two very bright boys named Brown and Blair” (December 1983).

Popping in to Downing Street to use a typist for an urgent report with Mrs. Thatcher absent: “accelerated away having signed a fair copy – except having first rather cruelly but deliberately booked a call to TK [Tom King, with whom he was constantly jockeying] through the Downing Street switchboard, though not staying to take it. (‘What the hell’s Alan doing at Number 10 on a Sunday evening?’)”

“Tristan had been trying to get hold of me.
He told me that Bruce Anderson had come in the previous evening, slumped down in a chair and said, ‘I think Clark is a sell.’ Elaborated.
Earlier, not much earlier, BA had in fact telephoned to me, said he was depressed about my prospects but, ‘the shares are down, but they are a buy at this level.’
Politics. How I adore it.”

Whining and repetitious in places but with gems in there.

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